A Day on the River

I am not a very outdoorsy person, but when I first got to Cork I decided I would play “Yes Man.” Whatever anybody asked me to do (to a limit) I would say yes without any hesitation. One of the main things I said yes to was going to a introductory Kayaking lesson put on by the kayaking club at UCC. I also talked Hannah into going with me. There are two things that are important to know about this situation. 1. I am the most unathletic, athletic person you will ever meet and 2. It was pouring rain and we did not have any appropriate shoes.

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At the conclusion of our adventure, I had tipped over the kayak once, gone off of a 2 foot jump in a kayak, and Hannah had lost a shoe. This is one of those experiences I would not take back for the world and whenever it is brought up I will still have a good laugh. I don’t think I will ever want to go kayaking again, but I would not change these memories for anything!

A Weekend in Kilkenny

Another crazy weekend consisted of traveling by bus for 3 hours to Kilkenny. Two of my friends, Taylor and Miranda, had left earlier that day so I was just going to meet them.  Once I got to the bus station, after cutting it close, I was on my way to Kilkenny. 10698518_10204873615310544_7896577530031094456_n

When I finally got there, Taylor and Miranda were waiting by the bus stop and we started off the adventure like every other adventure is started off, by wandering. We found our way around to some of the most beautiful churches and took a lot of pictures. We then found a cute little pub/cafe called Kytler’s Inn, that had a spooky back story of witches and traditional Irish food. Next was to find the hostel that we were staying at. My first impression after hearing that word is of the terrible movie that plays in the states. While in reality a hostel is just a cheap place to stay for people who just want to travel and is not super sketchy. It consisted of 8 beds (4 bunk beds) in each room, a kitchen, and a shared bathroom. Overall it was an enjoyable experience.

Then nightlife was not all that great in Kilkenny, but also during the weekends most Irish people just focus on work, and Kilkenny is also not a college town like Cork is, so there was a different crowd.

On the next day we found our way to a cute little cafe for breakfast called a circle of friendship, then to the Castle, and finally we explored the shops around town. All-in-all we had an amazing experience and took a lot of unforgettable pictures.