A Day on the River

I am not a very outdoorsy person, but when I first got to Cork I decided I would play “Yes Man.” Whatever anybody asked me to do (to a limit) I would say yes without any hesitation. One of the main things I said yes to was going to a introductory Kayaking lesson put on by the kayaking club at UCC. I also talked Hannah into going with me. There are two things that are important to know about this situation. 1. I am the most unathletic, athletic person you will ever meet and 2. It was pouring rain and we did not have any appropriate shoes.

1896838_964453270237355_3383585039463412549_n 10702125_964453416904007_4167130539640168825_n

At the conclusion of our adventure, I had tipped over the kayak once, gone off of a 2 foot jump in a kayak, and Hannah had lost a shoe. This is one of those experiences I would not take back for the world and whenever it is brought up I will still have a good laugh. I don’t think I will ever want to go kayaking again, but I would not change these memories for anything!

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