Snow School

It was my last week here at Swan Valley Connections. A bittersweet end to such an amazing time. I spent my last week primarily in the field, exploring new areas and working on my track identification. Badger, bobcat, wolf and lynx were just of the few species we were able to track, but my last day was spent a little bit differently than the rest. I was fortunate to help instruct 20 students from Potomac in a day of Snow School. Our primary objective for the day was to get kids out on snow shoes and to teach them about winter ecology, including plant and animal adaptation as well as some basic snow science. We built snow pits and measured the temperate as well as took snow water equivalent measurements. We built homes for our “animals” (cups of hot water) to teach the students about the insulating properties of snow. The students loved caring for their animals and were all pleased to find that each individual made it through our winter. The game the students loved the most though was a game of camouflage. Similar to hide and seek although the seeker isn’t allowed to move. The students had to earn their food to survive the winter and some even adapted by being given white sheets. We went on color hunts and did memorization scavenger hunts. Over all the students had an amazing day, and I walked away with a renewed sense of wonder and the possibility of discovery fresh in my mind.

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