Uganda Have a Good Time (safari)

After we left our village we traveled through larger cities until we finally got back to Kampala the capital of Uganda. From here we started our safari adventure. We went to a nice hotel resort on the outskirt of Kampala where we lounged by the pool, had a couple beers and oven brick pizza. It didn’t even seem real that I was in a third world country and was laying by a pool, and basically one of the nicest resorts that I’ve ever been to. It was very nice and relaxing to be there, but I felt guilty and not happy that I was able to enjoy a beer and pizza and a short 10 minute drive away people sleep in little shacks with no sanitation or any clean water. The next morning we went on another long car ride, 8 hours. We traveled into the national park of Uganda, we saw a lot of baboons, which are very aggressive animals, also a lot of antelopes. We arrived at our safari home, where we slept in tents, but there was running water and a food shack with good quality food and a full bar. We went and explored an enormous waterfall. Once we arrived at our camp I was walking to the restroom and pack or warthogs came charging at me. I was very nervous cause I thought that they were rude animals, but the ones here were friendly, simply because they are used to a lot of human interactions. The next morning we went on our first safari we started at 6:30 n the morning. We saw hippos, elephants, a lot of different types of antelopes, hyenas, crocodiles, giraffes and many many other animals, that you only see in zoos. It was amazing to be able to see these incredible animals in their natural habitat. We went on a boat tour later that evening and saw a lot more animals, then the next morning we went an our last safari. We saw the same animals as before, but this time we saw fresh kill by a couple hours. I was disappointed that we weren’t able to see a lion, but all in all it was an amazing experience. I will never forget my amazing experience that I was given. I now have a travel itch and won’t be able to stop traveling until I see the world, and can hopefully help at least one person in each destination that I can hopefully one day travel to. Thank you for reading this, I hope you all had a great day.

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