My First 3 Weeks in Finland

I have been in Finland for close to three weeks now and so far I have already taken one class, the aquatics course. For this course I had to travel from Oulu up to the Oulanka research station where I stayed for about a week. In this course all the students were split into groups and each day the groups did something different. In the groups, half a day was spent working in the field and half a day was spent working in the lab. I learned how to take samples and recognize species of zooplankton, macro-invertebrates and fish. The days were long during the course, 9:00am to 5:00pm every day, but the experience was really enjoyable. I learned a ton on this course and I am definitely looking forward to the next one in August. Until that course begins I will be working on a caterpillar and butterfly project. My project work doesn’t start for a few weeks still, so I am debating on where to go and travel. I will probably see more of Finland since it is incredibly beautiful, but I would still like to visit another place. I’m hoping to find a place with a lot of history built into the town. Until I decide I will just spend sometime roaming around Oulu.

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