Bozeman Daily Chronicle

For my beyond the classroom experience, I spent the summer working as a photojournalist for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. This opportunity was the perfect way to immerse myself in a professional environment for what I hope to be my career after college. I spent each day going out on assignments, working on a long form story, and bettering my photography skills.

I was able to tie in my global theme Natural Resources and Sustainability through not only the stories I was able to photograph, but also a long form story related to my theme. I spent a few hours each week at a unique farm in Bozeman that not only inhabits three generations of sustainable farmers, but also leases to other farmers such as a flower farm and a mushroom farm on their land. I loved being able to highlight the way that the Hicks family uses their land and the other tenants that come and go.

Although I wasn’t in a foreign country, Bozeman still felt like a life changing experience to benefiting my future. I lived with the newspaper’s new agriculture reporter for the summer, so I was able to tag along with her to go to stories ranging from bees, potatoes, and the Yellowstone flood’s aftermath.

I’m excited and ready to apply the skills and information I learned from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle to my Capstone. Here’s to Senior year!

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