Ryan Holloway & Miller Internship

By: Alis Auch

My Beyond the Classroom project for Sumer 2022 was a law firm internship at Ryan Holloway & Miller. I was absolutely thrilled at the chance to immerse myself in the world of law, and really discover if this was the right path for me. By the end of July, I was sure that I wanted to continue to pursue a career as an attorney.

The global theme I chose was inequality and human rights. My entire life I have had a passion for justice and advocacy for the little guy. RHM is a criminal defense and personal injury firm, so my internship was spent defending those in need. Many people hear criminal defense and automatically think of scummy, money-hungry attorneys. But after working in this field, I’ve realized that there are two sides to every story, and not every criminal is a bad person. In fact, it’s so easy for good people to be put in tough situations and then left to struggle through impossible legal hoops. I loved learning alongside lawyers who valued their clients and wanted what was best for them in all kinds of circumstances. It is truly a privilege to be able to fight for the underdog.

A major part of my job as an intern was to help with marketing (since I am also a marketing major), and this included writing well-researched blogs for the firm. I learned SO much about the ins and outs of our system- the good, the bad, and the ugly. It amazes me that so much of our law isn’t automatically taught in school because it should be. I loved that I was able to inform our clients and others in Missoula about their rights, what to be careful of, and our law in general. If you’re interested, I’ve included a few of my blogs below.

What Constitutional Rights do I Waive When Pleading Guilty?

How to Correctly Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

Think Before You Post!

The scariest part of my job was trying to get clients into various courts. There was so much pressure to get them before certain judges because there were actual lives at stake. It’s a big deal to have a compassionate and logical judge that also wants the best for your client. I had to really step up and do my absolute best to fight for our clients. It was both challenging and fulfilling to know that I was making a difference in someone’s life.

I am extremely grateful for the friendships I now have, the educational experiences, and the lifelong mentorship I will have from Ryan Holloway & Miller Law Firm. I am excited to continue down this path of law, and I look forward to the knowledge I will gain in the future. Here’s to an amazing senior year!

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