Friends Across the Globe and the Bug

I’d say one of the most special things about my study abroad experience is the group of close friends I developed over the course of my stay. The experience of packing up and starting new in a foreign place is a profoundly unique recipe for friendships that enter strange and visceral pathways in the heart. When I think about my closest friends and what they are most likely up to these days I am overcome with a profound sense of connection and compassion. It brings me so much pleasure to imagine the ongoing story lines of each my peers and how many other stops and stories they have ahead of them. I love the way that the details of their stories are far away, but the love I have for them is alive and well and makes me feel as though a part of me is still with them as they move through life and a part of them is definitely still with me. I let a lot of people into my life and I’ll never be fully rid of them. All of the small newness that they displayed has been swallowed by my concept of what is possible in this world and so I take them along to every new excitement and adventure.

My best friend back home recently offered to take me along with him to visit his siblings in Myanmar. People have warned me that the bug for travel is stubborn and hearty. I definitely felt that pesky addiction fire up when I got that invitation. I can’t even begin to imagine all of the small sensations and emotions that I could be signing up for. All of the people and moments I will be letting into my life, for good, makes the 1000 dollar round trip ticket rather hard to turn down. I might be hooked!

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