When In Africa (Go on Safari or Adventure!)

On our anthropological trip in Tanzania its kind of hard to miss the millions of wild animals that inhabit the country. So you go on Safari to see all those animals, Safari also means to go on a journey or adventure. Especially when you go through multiple National Parks, including the Serengeti, Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater, and Lake Manyara.

Seeing your first elephant in the wild is absolutely ..well.. wild! Seeing this massive and brilliant creature exist in its natural habitat before you own very eyes is awe inspiring, it blows you away farther than than I would of ever dreamt possible. But then you see a giraffe not even 30 yards away and the same feeling washes over you again! Can you be any more awe struck? Then you see a lion, then a lion nursing two baby cubs, and then two lions mating! What?!? Ok maybe it didn’t happen that fast, but depending on which park you visit the animals are all together and are everywhere. And we were told that our seeing all of the animals and the activities they were engaged in was highly unusual.  Going there I had no expectations on which animals I was going to see and I was not expecting to see all that we did. We did end up seeing the extremely endangered Rhino while at Ngorongoro Crater, where we also witnessed the lions mating and the mommy lion nursing her couple cubs. But this Crater has a plethora of wild animals, with millions of zebra, wildebeest, antelope, cape buffalo, birds, hippos, and much, much more.

Our group also somehow ended up in the midst of the great migration, with even more wildebeest, zebra, and antelope, which was amazing! Seeing millions of bodies all moving in the same direction with a common purpose was extraordinary. Nature really does know how to throw you curve balls in life that makes you to take a step back and reevaluate your purpose and experience in life. And I think thats one of the biggest things I took away from this experience was finally understanding where my priorities lay in life, and what I actually want to pursue in my daily existence.

Going on safari and seeing the way of the world in a way that I never experienced in my many trips to Yellowstone National Park is a very special experience for me. It really is the circle of life that they sing about on The Lion King. I hope everyone will get this sense of where they stand in this world like I did, with my mutual appreciation of being an animal damned to existence on the planet Earth and just making the best of it. Living life and going on safari.

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