Adventures in the South of France

When I first arrived in Nice, France I had been traveling for the prior month and it was relieving to arrive at my final destination. The Côte d’Azur is one of the most picturesque regions I have ever seen. I remember the moment when I crossed the French border on a train from Italy being in awe how beautiful it was. The train from Ventimiglia, Italy to Nice takes an hour and a half compared to a 30 minute car ride. That hour and a half slow train ride was unreal experience. The train slowly wove its way along the seaside passing little villages and also the infamous Monte Carlo. After getting settled at my dorm I was ready to see what France has to offer. I have really come to appreciate how connected the university system is back home. Here in France, life is at a much slower pace so in turn everything takes an unreal amount of time to get done. Besides the early frustrations I have come to love my new way of life.

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