One of my favorite parts of the trip were the friendships that I made. When you go to Africa you feel vulnerable, and you are. We were all sick at some point, mostly due to the new bacteria and parasites in our bodies. We all had days where we wanted to go home, and days where we thought we would die if we had to leave. Tanzania puts a lot of stress on your body and a lot of emotions in your heart. Everyone has to be very open about how their body is coping and the emotions they are dealing with so that we can watch out for each other. If someone has a bad canker sore, a sunburn, diarrhea, or is feeling down everyone on the trip knows. When you see someone everyday 16 hours a day, you get to know them pretty well. You realize what’s important to them and what they need help with. As the trip goes on certain people gravitate towards each other and make little families. Being a part of a family like that is beautiful. It is a family free of judgment, expectation, chaos and authority. I think that part of the reason we were able to make such great friendships is that we learned from the people. We learned how to love others better than we love ourselves and I hope that we can all bring that home with us.DSCN1422 DSCN1258

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