Last Stretch

oulanka oulanka1 GroupPhoto2014

I am on the last stretch of my adventure in Finland. At the moment I am sitting at the airport getting ready to leave in a few hours. Over the past few weeks I have been taking my terrestrial field course. In the course I learned how to catch and ID ground and flying invertebrates, as well as small animals. I also learned how to ID different bird species. There were close to five different traps for the insects and about three different ways to track or ID bird and mammal species. Besides studying, I got to go on a bunch of hikes around the Oulanka Research Station. During these hikes I got to see a Finnish beach, the Russian border, and beautiful scenery. I also saw a ton of reindeer on this past trip. They were everywhere and really cute. I learned that the Finnish Santa doesn’t fly with his reindeer, they just sled. Speaking of sleds, on one of the hikes I went on I was shown a type of sled that students often take in the winter time to get to school. Even though I really enjoyed this study abroad and would definitely do it again, I am ready to go home and see my family and get ready for classes on Monday.


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