Angels of God: Archbishop’s experience at the orphanage in Saigon

In 2013 spring semester I had a chance of a life time. For four months I studied on a ship and traveled around the world with the Semester at Sea program. We visited 12 different countries during the semster and I made some of my best friends in that four mounths. Here is the link to my blog and you can read it from start to finish if you like but I will be posting at least three of the posts. Hope you enjoy. If anyone is thinking of doing this program, let me know I would be happy to talk to you about it.


By: McKenzie Enich

“Did you notice that human is very close to humanity? That means you can’t be human without compassion.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

In a room meant to hold 500 people, every chair is taken and many claim spots on the floor bringing the room over capacity. The room is utterly silent. For a while you could hear the shutter speeds of the cameras throughout the audience, capturing the speech. Now it was silent enough to hear him whisper, “You are all great. God started to cry and then a small angel came up to wipe the tears away. When he looked down at you and said thank you.”

He whispered thank you three times to the audience and walked away from the podium. The room was only silent for a moment. As he moved past everyone toward the exit, everyone stood. Applause erupted throughout the room. He kept walking and did not turn back when he reached the door. The applause did not stop until he was halfway down the hall.

Thank you.

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